Tess Moulder

  “Tita Tess” (“Tita” means Auntie in Filipino”) or Tess Moulder is among the original founding members of FAAT. She has been serving the community for the last 17 years and is the best person to ask for anything regarding FAAT’s history. She is a force to reckon on every cultural presentation as she knows almost all Philippine dances, and more than likely has the costumes for them! If no costume is available, she definitely can make them from carefully picked fabrics. Alongside every dance is her beautiful 90-year-old mother Lola Anita who is the darling of our organization, and still can rock the dance floor on her grandma high heels! Being a Registered Nurse by profession at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tita Tess surely knows how to care for everyone and we are very blessed to have her all throughout these years.